Admission to GoCode Academy

No student may be admitted onto a GoCode course until the Enrolment Form has been completed and all of the terms and conditions have been signed by the student’s parent/legal guardian.

Absences, Arriving Late or Leaving Early

Fees will not be returned for students who have arrived late, missed part of the course or have left early (due to illness or any other cause). If the course has been booked, full fees must be paid. Students must be dropped off 15 minutes before the commencement of the course and picked up within 30 minutes from the end of the course each day.

Our Authority

GoCode Academy reserves the right to take whatever measures deemed reasonable and necessary in order to maintain order and discipline, and to ensure that staff and students are kept safe. Permission is given for your child to leave the site under these circumstances:

1. In the event of an emergency, under supervision of GoCode staff members.

2. At the end of the scheduled lesson/ course day, which will not be under supervision.

Suspension and Expulsion

GoCode Academy reserves the right to suspend or exclude any student whose work, attendance or behaviour, in their reasonable opinion, unsatisfactory or disagreeable. Under such circumstances, GoCode Academy will be under no obligation to return any fees paid.

Course and Camp Cancellation

The minimum number of pupils required for the course to run is 10. GoCode Academy reserves the right to cancel the course no later than 5 days prior to the commencement of the course. If a course cancellation is made, GoCode Academy will provide a full refund on all fees paid for the course.


If you decide to cancel your booking there will be an administration charge of £25. Refunds are dependent on the amount of notice that you give us, in writing:

Notice period required: We require a minimum of 28 days notice to receive the full refund (less £25 administration fee).


All fees are payable prior to the start of the course. If a payment has not been made, there will be a late charge of £20.

Foreign Payments & Bank Charges

Please ensure that you have settled any bank charges associated with international payments and that GoCode Academy receives full fees.

Laptop Hire

Students and Parents hold responsibility for the laptops hired from GoCode Academy. Laptops are only to be used for educational purposes at our Tech Camps. No softwares are permitted to be downloaded or installed without the permission of GoCode Academy. The students are required to return the laptop at the end of the session each day. If the operating system or the hardware of the laptop is damaged, the parents will be liable for any repair costs.

Photography & Videoing

GoCode Academy will take photos and videos of children during their time with us on during courses and camps. This content is solely for the use of advertising and marketing which may appear on third party material such as websites and leaflets. By enrolling your child onto a course with us, you are providing your consent to this. For further information on this or to opt out please email us detailing this to Please provide the following information in your email: Name of Child, Course Booked, Location & Date of Booking. Please email, hello@gocodeacademy.com

Personal Property

Students hold responsibility for their possessions and any valuables they bring with them during the course. GoCode Academy holds no responsibility for any damage or loss of personal property. GoCode Academy holds no responsibility for any use or impact of the softwares installed on their laptops as part of the course.

Fair Processing

This applies to the handling of your personal data. Processing information GoCode Academy will ensure that your data is processed fairly and lawfully. We will process information only where:

1. the law allows us to, or

2. you have given your consent, or

3. we have received a court order

Ensuring your personal information is safe and accurate

GoCode Academy ensures that information held on our computer systems and in our paper filing systems is secure to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing or accidental loss, destruction of, or damage to personal data. In order to carry out its functions GoCode Academy may receive information about you from others or give information to others, but we can only do this in accordance with the law. Any third parties from whom we receive personal data or to whom we pass personal data are also required to comply with the Data Protection Act. GoCode Academy only collects and records personal information that is necessary to carry out its functions, nothing more. The information that we record is based on fact and, where opinion is recorded, it is relevant and backed up.

Data sharing

GoCode Academy will only share personal data with those organisations that it is legally able to, and where sharing personal data is necessary we will comply with the Data Protection Act. Retaining Information We will only retain information if a business need exists. Information and date is not kept longer than is necessary for that purpose. Accuracy of Information It is essential that we receive correct information when booking, for example the correct date of birth of your child. If you realise that a mistake has been made, please let us know as soon as possible in order to update our records and data. If we find that we have incorrect information then your child may be asked to leave the course.