What the heck is Computing? Why should my child learn it?

November 12, 2016by admin

There are a lot of words that you have probably heard floating around: computing, coding, programming etc, but what exactly do they mean and why is it necessary and important for your child to learn it before they turn 21.


The process of writing computer programs to create and design websites, apps, games, robots and much more.

Writing out a language that a computer can understand and process to create a desired result is a key skill that every employer in every industry values in today’s world. It gives a child plenty of options and flexibility when deciding a career path. For example, if your family travels to France, you will try your best to speak basic French, not English, to a native speaker to communicate your desired action if you want to be understood and helped.


The ability to speak a different language makes a person more interesting and open to different cultures and globalisation overall. Globalisation in business is not only growing across borders but across cyber-space (an environment where computer networks connect and communicate). Employers truly value a person who can


not only use a phone/computer but also create something as well. Different languages are spoken in different lands: Scratch – create animation and games, Python – high-level general purpose language, and JavaScript – creates interactive effects within web browsers.

Two thirds of parents had no idea what an algorithm was ahead of the new curriculum launch in September 2014. Many parents were not informed or well-prepared for the change and how to support their kids (Telegraph, 2014). A shocking figure when it is compared to the 8 million kids who are interested in learning computing! This negatively affects one large industry, the digital technology industry. It is growing at a phenomenal rate, 32% faster than the economy which created 1.56 million jobs and contributed £161 billion to economy in 2016. That means that businesses have their doors wide open waiting to meet graduate students with warm open arms.

Every child, including yours, deserves the opportunity to learn a computing language that sets them apart in the world in not only in their professional careers but also personal lives. Naturally, not every child will become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg but they will become their greatest selves. Schools can only do so much especially with the new curriculum in place. It is a parent’s mission to take the reins from the school and steer your child in the best direction that shines the brightest light on their future.

Learning to program, code or compute comes with extra free skills such as problem-solving, communication, listening, team-work, confidence and much more. It also introduces a different way to thinking and interpreting problems and creating solutions. It also connects to other subjects such as Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology.These soft skills are transferrable into different fields and last for a lifetime.

Imagine, your child will be able to design and create games, wearable tech etc… all the gadgets that Carphone Warehouse has in its stores (miniature models, of course). Learning alongside your child or driving them to after-school classes is the best way to support them. Insight into how stuff work stretches the child’s imagination beyond the stars. Who knows, your child might be the first man to live on Mars like the movie, The Martian.