October Tech Camp

Give your kids the tech skills for life this half term.


Our 5-day intensive tech camp is packed with fun activities, challenges, and workshops, so you can build websites, mobile applications, games and virtual reality.

Aimed at 6 to 18-year olds, we will push you to develop essential soft skills like teamwork, problem solving, presentation and communication skills, as well as logical and computational thinking abilities.
Our team of highly experienced instructors are passionate about giving you an advantage in a digital era where technology skills are highly in demand. The camps run at our centres in Milton Keynes, Bedford, London and Northampton.

We currently offer Scratch, Python, Web and Mobile App development and Robotics.

The camps start at 10AM and finish at 4PM each day.


23rd to 27th October Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes Central Library,
555 Silbury Boulvevard,
Milton Keynes,

16th to 20th October Bedford
Bedford School,
De Parys Ave,
MK40 2TU

23rd to 27th October Bedford
Bedford School,
De Parys Ave,
MK40 2TU

23rd to 27th October Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes Central Library,
555 Silbury Boulvevard,
Milton Keynes,

23rd to 27th October Northampton
35 Duncan Close,

23rd to 27th October Harrow - SOLD OUT
Harrow High School,
Gayton Rd,


£250 per child
20% Siblings Discount for one child's tuition fee if you book more than one child

What do students learn?

Monday & Tuesday - Scratch (8-11)

  • Introduction to programming and technology
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Selection and project types
  • Variables and user defined blocks
  • Review and bringing it all together
  • Introduction to Control and selecting a programming project

Monday & Tuesday - Python (12+)

  • Introduction to Python, Terminology and Installation
  • IDE, Shell, Functions, Data Types, Manipulating data, Print function
  • IF and ELSE Statements, Loops, Loops in action
  • Importing Modules, Functions and Sub-Procedures
  • Project design - theory and practice for designing a simple game or app
  • Coding - students will work on mini-projects, building graphical interfaces, games and problem-solving routines

Wednesday - Web Development with HTML

  • Introduction to the Internet and the world wide web
  • Introduction to HTML5, Creating your first website, Finding errors with validator
  • Line breaks, paragraphs, headings, fonts and comments
  • Lists, links, images, videos audio and file paths

Thursday - Web Development with CSS

  • Introduction to CSS3
  • Structure and styling
  • Colours, Lists, Box Model, Links and images
  • Divs and spans
  • Classes and ID's
  • Float and clear
  • Team project 

Friday - Startup Hackathon

  • Introduction to Hackathon
  • Idea generation
  • Pitching and voting
  • Team building
  • Coding the website, app or game
  • Guest speakers
  • Wrap up and presentation

Hear from the parents

"Dawson attended GoCode Academy’s Easter Coding Camp and he loved it. It gave him an opportunity to interact with other young people and learn things he hasn’t been able to learn at school"

Leanne Taylor, Parent

"Dylan does computing at school, but they can only take it so far. To come to a place like GoCode Academy where it's welcoming, generous and provides a environment for him to develop is brilliant."

Lisa Masters, Parent

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Call us on 01908 870 003

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