Parent's Frequently Asked Questions

What time does after school coding club run?

  • Scratch (6-12 years) from 4.30 to 5.30 pm -/+ 10mins
  • Python (12-18 years) from 4.0 pm to 5.430 pm -/+ 10mins

What age group is after school coding club suitable for?

  • Our after school club is aimed at students between 6 and 18 years of age

Does the student need to have previous coding experience?

  • Our camp is suitable for total beginners.
  • We're looking for students with a passion to learn.

Do you offer food for the students?

  • Yes. We provide light refreshments.
  • If your child has any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Are the kids just working on computers all day?

  • When in the classroom - classes are certainly spent at the computer. However, it is important to know that the students are being creators of technology, not consumers. The computers are simply the tool for our students to learn, to collaborate, to design and to challenge each other.
  • We mix up their time between computers and offline activities (coding board games, educational games, theatre sports, arts and crafts etc). We have taken great care in creating a schedule that incorporates many aspects of learning. The students will be shown different ways in which they can relate to the technology.

How much does it cost?

  • Tech Camps cost £250 per child. After School Coding club is £50 per month

Where is GoCode Academy?

  • We're based in London, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge.

Will my child make their own app?

  • Yes. They will finish with one (or several) apps which can then be run on their iPhone or iPad (computer and Android too!).
  • They will create their own customised version of games they’re already familiar with such as Flappy Bird or Pong with a unique, shareable URL meaning anyone with access to the Internet can play it.

Does my child need to bring their own Laptop?

  • Yes, your child will need to bring their own laptop. Don't have one? We have a limited number of laptops that you can hire at just £10 per day.

Do the kids go outside during the day?

  • No. Sometimes we do have to drag the kids away from their computers as they are so enthralled in the new adventure they themselves are creating but we definitely do get the students to take a break in our building.
  • We have a great open space for them to meet and work with other students. (including bean bags to chill)

How many kids in the classroom?

  • The class sizes typically range from 10-12 students.
  • We have incredibly high teacher to student ratios: Usually one lead teacher and 2-4 teacher assistants (depending on number of students)

My child is 14 - do you cater for that age group?

  • Yes. Our after school clubs and coding camp are aimed at 6-18 year olds.
  • Please call us to discuss this further

GoCode Academy is on a mission to inspire the next generation of coders. We train students to build games, web sites, and mobile apps. We're tackling the digital skills crisis by creating technology innovators. We're supported by major corporations including RBS, Natwest, and Dell. All our courses are built with students mind, our goal is to get more young people to pursue a career in technology. Our up-to- date curriculum is made up to teach skills and programming languages which are highly in-demand..

Our courses can be part of an after school club or during school holidays, the overall cost of each is the same.

Course After School Club Holiday Camp
Scratch (8-12 years) £50 per month £250 per Camp
Python (13-18 years) £50 per month £250 per Camp

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