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Launch Your Career as a Web Developer in 12 Weeks

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Over 12 weeks you will learn the languages and skills that are highly in demand and learn how to build a website, from HTML to JavaScript. Our intense full-time Bootcamp is led by our team of experienced developer who each have over 10 years in the industry. You will work on real projects while collaborating as a team..


Over 12 weeks you will build a portfolio of real world projects for businesses on your own as well as in groups that you show off on graduation as well as in interviews. We believe that the best way to learn to code is to build, break and fix..

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Our aim is to give you the technical skills as well as the soft skills to help you land your dream job as a developer. With our in house career specialists you will learn html and javascript, they will also teach you to use tools such as GitHub, your online CV, along with interview techniques, social media profile, salary negotiations. We will help you at every stage of the way.

Srinivas Subramanyam

… it’s a really good start for people who want to learn coding and are really passionate about it…
– Srinivas Subramanyam

Why Us?

  • The only Web Development Bootcamp in the Midlands, easily accessible from London, Oxford and Cambridge our Coding Bootcamp is located in Milton Keynes
  • Ever growing network of hiring partners. We’re part of RBS’s Entrepreneurial backed by Dell, KPMG.
  • Industry leading instructors in html and javascript; our Bootcamp is lead by developers who have worked in the industry for over 10 years - learn from the best.
  • Graduation day and Meetups. Show off your skills and build long lasting relationships. Graduation day is your opportunity to shine.
  • Tailored career advice for placing our graduates into their first job. We will support you throughout your journey from job hunting to signing contracts.
  • We’re based in Central Milton Keynes, the home of coding. Our open plan office will provide you the right environment to learn and develop your skills. Bean bags, Ping pong tables and unlimited coffee! [Visit us]
  • Small groups. We’re highly selective and only take the best 10 students from over thousands of application. We believe that the best way to learn is to learn with others, we encourage pair coding and working in groups.
  • Team building activities every week. We’re a social bunch! We organise welcome parties, drinks, and sports events and activities. You will be part of a great community and make loads of friends.

Who's it for?

career icon

Career Changers

Looking to make a transition into a technical career? GoCode Academy's Web Development Bootcamp is designed to help you acquire the right set of skills to get a job as a junior developer.

School leaver

School leavers and Graduates

Just graduated from university or left school? This course will provide you with the fundamental skills to launch a career in a technical field or start your own business.

Entrepreneurs icon


If you’re thinking of launching a technology company, this course will help you acquire the skills required to build an MVP or manage a technical team.

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This course is the perfect choice for those looking to complement their existing skillset and move into a more technically focused role such as product analyst, growth hacker etc.


GoCode Academy will teach you everything you need.

We equip our students with only the skills that they will use in the real world. You learn how to break down and solve real-world problems, discover best practices and create a complete portfolio, which you can show your employers.

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Week One

In Week One you will learn the basics of HTML, The history of the the Internet and how the web came about, how to create your first fully styled Web Page using HTML and CSS

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Week Two

In Week Two you will be introduced to JavaScript, how to add animations and collect data from a web page, you will be introduced to BootStrap.

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Week Three

Week Three begins with an introduction to PHP and web servers, you will install a local web server as well as create a server with a Raspberry PI

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Week Four

Week 4 introduces the concept of Databases and how database to create a data driven website

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Week Five

API's and how to create a programmatic interface to build a simple website, create a template and page builder.

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Week Six

Week 6 will teach you AJAX and how to update web pages without page reloads as well as using a selection of API’s

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Week Seven

Introduction to Content Management Systems, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla

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Week Eight

Time to go proffessional! With an introduction to MVC Frameworks and ' Object Orientated Programming' the most efficient way to write code!

HTML, CSS and JavaScript Logos

Week Nine

Week nine gives you the knowledge to create a simple wordpress plugin, create an ajax updated block that you can insert into your site using shortcodes

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Week Ten

Project Week 1. In your development groups design and build a solution for a real world problem

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Week Eleven

Project Week Two, after your initial designs and plans you will be continuing with your projects as well as using the methods you have learned thus far to create an amazing site

Week Twelve

Final Week, Polishing your project and writing your final reports


Graduation brings you all together with representatives from local businesses, set interviews and competition winners are announced.

A Typical Day

Typical Day at GoCode Academy

9:00 Morning Stand up
Students arrive at 8:45 ready for study, coffee and welcome Students tell the class what they were doing yesterday and what they will continue with today
10:00 Lesson
Each day will have a specific lesson structure, the first couple of hours will be instruction of the days given lesson along with any interactive talks/games or slides/videos
11:00 Solo/Paired/Group-Coding
Put into practice what we have learned today. Students will have a 'Coding Partner' and Group, those with similar abilities will be paired up. We also provide 1 to 1 tuition and help to get you up to speed.
12:00 Lunch
We host lunch and learn where we invite developers to speak on a certain topic from entrepreneurship to latest technologies
13:00 Simulated Work Environment
Individual and group work on the challenges and portfolio projects in collaboration with our instructors. This is to imitate the real working environment. Improve our student's leadership and communication skills.
15:00 Afternoon lesson
Continuation of instruction following the daily curriculum
17:00 Group discussion and feedback
A group discussion on what was learned that morning as well as how they put their new knowledge into practice, show and tells from the students, as well as feedback.
17:30 Wrap up
At least twice a week students will receive homework.
After 18:00
Extra Curricular training. External workshops with our partners, soft-skills training and networking events
Robert Sordillo Testimony

… I loved the ability to have someone there who could explain in more detail rather than learning online with no idea…
– Roberto Sordillo

The GoCode Team

We are programmers, managers, and technology enthusiasts and … We're on a mission to inspire the next generation of coders.

  • Robert Rajeswaran - CEO and Founder
  • James Crawford - Lead Instructor/Developer
  • David - Developer, Copy Writer and Blog Editor
  • Sandra - Marketing Intern
  • Hatim - Marketing Intern
  • Harrison - Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Bootcamp is designed for beginners, no prior coding knowledge is required. Of course, the course attracts students from various environments and with some experience. If you start from zero, be ready for intense studying also outside of the Bootcamp hours. Our instructors will support you in every step.
To become Front End web developer you need to learn to Code web pages in HTML, to style them with CSS and allow users to interact with them using JavaScript. To become a Back end Developer you will need to learn a SERVER SIDE language such as PHP, C# or ASP.NET, This Bootcamp teaches you PHP along with MySQl to create data driven sites.
After three months of an intense course, our graduates can:
- design and code responsive webpages
- develop full-stack web applications in PHP and JavaScript
- safely model and store data in SQL and MySQL databases
-integrate third party APIs to apps
- use modern JavaScript frameworks
- use cloud-based hosting for web apps
- clearly document and present their projects
- use CMS systems e.g. WordPress
The maximum number of students in one Bootcamp is 15 - big enough to try working in several teams, small enough to get 100% individual attention. Our students are people wishing to change their job, move to a more technical position, startup founders who need an MVP for their new project, or fresh graduates from non-IT subjects who are looking for a fast-track into the tech world.
The course fee has the following payment options:
10% discount for students who pay in full in one installment.

To pay in three installments:
Deposit: 30% of the total fee
1st installment payable two weeks before the course starts: 50% of the total fee
2nd installment payable by the end of the 1st month: 20% of the total fee

We’re finalising agreements with our finance partners to provide loans for our students, we will keep you posted.
There has never been a better time to start your career as a web developer. Both international firms and startups are looking for developers who have both technical and creative ability. Based on your profile and your preferences we help you to get a suitable job or advise you on setting up your own project. Thanks to the Bootcamp you can present yourself with several individual and group portfolio projects, learn the whole development process from experienced developers, get to know successful companies and startup founders and learn how to keep on learning.
There are only 10 spots available per cohort. We’re highly selective and only select the motivated students with a passion to learn and succeed.
1.Quick Application (takes 5 minutes) - tell us about yourself
2. Application outcome - We will evaluate your application within three days and successful applicants will be invited to a 15-min call
3. Place confirmed and offer - Within the next three days we confirm your place we will send you an offer and you will have 5 working days
4. Welcome - After the payment is received, you’re officially a GoCoode
The Bootcamp hours are from Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00. The whole Bootcamp is also organised on an on-line platform, where you can access the learning materials and links to interesting articles and you will organise your group projects and submit your tasks there. The platform also serves for your questions and discussions outside of the Bootcamp hours. Be ready for intense work outside of the class, depending on your goals and progress we recommend a minimum of 5-10 hours a week.
You will only need your laptop, a desire to explore and a good attitude.
We work with partners regarding the placement of our graduates, for invitations of inspiring role-models, and for organisation of "open classes" - workshops open to both our students and the public. Write to us HERE and we'll be happy to arrange a meeting.

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Looking to hire talented web developers?

Why hire from us?

  • Highly selective
  • Diverse talent pool
  • Soft skills
  • Hire faster
  • Cost efficient Hiring

Our graduates have the technical as well as the soft skills required to fit into your existing team. We train only the most talented, ambitious and, most importantly those with a passion for code. In addition to relevant technical skills, clients say new hires possess great Communication, Teamwork, Productivity, and Adaptability.

The course is selective; meaning that successful graduates will go through a rigorous selection process to ensure we can train the best, so you get the best. Our talent pool is highly diverse and skilled. Ensuring we have the best means that we look for 'the right stuff' Academic talent can only get you so far. We want you to take on our graduates who are disciplined, self motivated and adaptable .

We will work with you to find the right match for your roles as and your company. We're there at every stage of the hiring progress to guide our graduates and you to bring together perfect matches. We create shortlists and arrange the interviews to save you time, making the hiring process much more efficient. It is free to advertise your roles, arrange meet our students and interview them.

You will only pay when you've found the best fit 'with free minimum fitting in period'.

You can hire the talent that moves your company forward without the risk of dragging it down It takes less than 30 days and costs far less than a recruitment agency.

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Lunch and drinks included
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GoCode Spark, Foundation JavaScript

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Duration : 10 weeks (1/2 day per week) or 5 weeks (1 day per week)
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